Miss Nosiphiwo Mazaleni



LEBV102: Professional English, LKH 1000: Communication in English

Area of expertise / Research interests:

Sociolinguistics, Onomastics, Language Policy Planning, Language teaching and Learning, Language acquisition and education, morphology, Syntax, Alternative African Film Studies in Cinema and Television


Nosiphiwo Mazaleni holds the position of a lecturer within the Department of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at Nelson Mandela University. Currently, she is actively pursuing her PhD, showcasing her commitment to advancing her expertise. 
Nosiphiwo's areas of specialization encompass a diverse range of linguistic fields, including Sociolinguistics, onomastics, language policy planning, language acquisition,morphology, syntax, and an intriguing focus on alternative African Fim studies in Cinema and Television. Her diverse interests reflect a well-rounded and intellectually curious approach to her field. 
Beyond her academic pursuits, Nosiphiwo actively contributes to the humanities orientation committee.