Mr Johannes Sibeko



AMA1001, LKH1000, and BCE1120.

Area of expertise / Research interests:

Digital Humanities, Corpus linguistics, Text readability, Linguistic complexity, Assessment of creative writing.


Johannes Sibeko is a lecturer in the Department of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at Nelson Mandela University. He is currently working towards his PhD in Literature and Literary Studies with a special focus on Digital Humanities in which he is developing a metric for measuring text readability in Sesotho. He holds an MA degree in Applied Language Studies, and Honours and a junior degree in language practice. His teaching experiences include teaching English and Sesotho at the high school level and developing a curriculum for and lecturing Sesotho basic communication skills at North-West University as a junior lecturer. He currently teaches Communications. He writes about assessment, linguistic complexity, digital linguistic resources, and text readability. His co-authored paper on text readability of English exam texts won the best paper award at DHASA2022. His paper on the use of classical readability metrics for assessing text readability in Sesotho was chosen to represent African Digital Humanities centres at the European CLARIN 2022 conference. He is also engaged in the development of basic language resources, including applications such as syllabification systems for Sesotho, text corpora for Sesotho and for the eleven official languages of South Africa. He has also presented basic language resources for Sesotho at both international and national academic conferences. 

Professional profiles:


Journal publlications
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Confrence Proceedings
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