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DALS offers an array of short courses ranging from programmes designed to enhance specific communication skills such as writing and speaking, to courses that serve as gateways to discovering new languages and cultures such as conversational isiXhosa and Arabic.

Individuals & Companies

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Professional and Business Communication

Business Writing

Report Writing

Minute Writing

Professional Presentations




Conversational English

Language Rules





Conversational isiXhosa (Level 1)

Conversational isiXhosa - Level 2 (in development)

Conversational isiXhosa - Level 3 (in development)

isiXhosa for Teaching and Learning (in development)




Beginner Conversational Arabic

Read and Write Arabic

Intermediate Conversational Arabic (in development)

Advanced Conversational Arabic (in development)

Arabic for Islamic Practices (in development)

Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (in development)


Translation and Interpretation

isiXhosa-English Translation - Level 1

isiXhosa-English Translation - Level 2 (in development)

isiXhosa-English Translation - Level 3 (in development)

Arabic-English Translation (in development)
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