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Language shapes our lives from birth and our mastery of it helps determine our future career paths. It is one of the features that makes us human and is closely bound up with our cultural identity.


The Department of Applied Languages Studies (DALS) at Nelson Mandela University offers modules and programmes based on a foundation of Applied Linguistics and General Linguistics with a focus on:

  • language acquisition as first and additional languages - including how to teach an additional language
  • sociolinguistics including aspects such as language planning, text linguistics and translation studies.

DALS offers various qualifications, modules and short courses and learning programmes.

At undergraduate level, the Department offers various courses in Applied Language Studies including service courses (English Language Studies, Professional Communication, Academic Literacy and Writing) for the Faculties of Humanities, Business and Economic Sciences, Law, Education, Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology, and Science. Students reading

At post-graduate level DALS offers a one-year Honours programme that is designed to help address the multicultural and multilingual needs of our region by offering specialised streams in the above focus areas of study.

The taught Masters programme is offered over a two-year period. The course is run subject to the number of students admitted to the course. The Masters may also be completed by research only.

The Department also offers an array of short courses and learning programmes to delegates who would like to enhance their professional communication skills or learn a new language.


Whichever path you choose as you discover and explore language studies, we are excited to welcome you to the Department of Applied Language Studies.





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