Are you thinking about studying one of our short courses online? Well, get ready to experience the latest teaching and learning methods with our online learning and virtual classroom approach - making online learning easy, accessible, flexible and exciting.

How does online learning and teaching take place?

Once you have been accepted for an online short course and registered for it, you will receive an email containing login credentials and a link to our online learning system, Advance@Mandela.

Advance@Mandela hosts our online courses and you'll find all the resources and content on your relevant course page. Once your registration is confirmed, your user details are linked to the relevant course(s).

You will be able to access the learning system from any computer browser. Generally, we recommend Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

If the course you have selected contains weekly live classes, then the classes will be presented in real-time in our virtual learning classrooms on the learning system itself. Links to the specific classes will appear on your course page. You will have to check the schedule of your course to determine when live classes are presented.

What will I need to study online?

You simply need a computer with internet access (a minimum internet connection speed of 1mbps) and a headset with a microphone.

You may access the learning system and platform from tablets/iPads, but some functionality might be limited. We recommend that you attend live classes using a desktop PC or laptop.

Reading material and other resources available on the course page can be accessed from mobile devices, including your mobile phone.

We recommend that you have some storage space available on your PC for any files you may want to download.

Reading material will be available as PDFs, which may be printed for personal use should you prefer having a hard copy of the course notes with you.

How much time do I need weekly?

This depends on the selected course, but on average, you should have at least 2 hours available weekly.

How do the virtual classrooms work?

The virtual classroom on Advance@Mandela will be the exciting online space where you will meet your facilitator and other course delegates in real-time.

You will simply click on the 'live class' link on your course page before a class is presented and then the virtual classroom will open in a window in your browser.

The virtual classroom will allow you to see and listen to the presentation of your facilitator. The classroom also features a chat box (for you to communicate with everyone in the class and/or the facilitator), as well as the facility for your mic to be activated so that you may speak to everyone in the class.

The virtual classes will allow you to interact with your facilitator just like you are sitting in an actual classroom.

You don't need a webcam for general live classes as the facilitator will seldom require a camera to be activated.

All classes are recorded and you may access the recording shortly after the live class was presented.

How do I interact with my course facilitator or peers outside of the virtual classrooms?

You may interact with them via the discussion forums on the course page. You will also have access to your facilitator via email.

Do I need any special software or training?

No, not really. The learning system and virtual classroom can both be accessed from a browser on your PC/laptop.

You might want to have access to a word processor such as MS Word so that you may complete assignments.

If you can browse the internet, read and type; then you're good to go.

Our staff will be able to assist with any queries you might have while you are studying.

What do I do if I can't attend a live online class at the scheduled time?

Our live classes are automatically recorded and available on the learning system for the duration of the course. If you missed a session or can't attend the live class(es) in real-time, then simply access the recording(s) and submit any tasks requested by the facilitator. The resources and recordings are available 24/7 on Advance@Mandela during the course.

How will I be assessed online?

This depends entirely on the course you're enrolled in. These are some of the ways in which you could be assessed in an online course:

  • completing small tasks such as quizzes and online activities
  • submitting assignments by uploading your work
  • submitting your assignments or assessments via email

Some of our courses require audio or video recordings as part of assessment. The details and channels for submission thereof will be detailed in the courses.

Where can I monitor my progress in the online course?

Your progress and course marks/grades can be viewed in the course grade report.

How will I be certified after studying an online course?

After you have met all requirements and passed the course, we will send you an electronic copy of your certificate as well as courier/post a hard copy to you. Hard copies of certificates to be couriered/posted internationally (outside of South Africa) will incur additional fees.

In accordance with Nelson Mandela University policy, a hard copy of every certificate (with a unique certificate number for validation) has to be produced. This signed and validated certificate is scanned and emailed, as well as the hard copy posted/couriered to the delegate.

How do I apply for an online short course?

Simply visit our DALS Short Courses and choose one which has an 'Online Mode' offering and is scheduled to take place.

Currently, the following short courses are available online and scheduled to be offered: