Beginner Conversational Arabic

This course aims to equip delegates with a basic foundation in conversational Arabic and to understand commonly used phrases.


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Read and Write Arabic

The course sets out to equip delegates with competency in reading and writing Arabic script. Upon completion of this course, the delegates will be able to proceed with a conversational and grammatical study of the language through the medium of the Arabic script.


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Business Writing

As effective business writing requires application of basic writing principles, this course identifies various effective writing components and applies relevant principles in specific business communication contexts. Various business correspondence formats such as letters, memos and emails are outlined and explored. Delegates are introduced to the idea of 'writing for a particular audience'.


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Minute Writing

This short course is aimed at secretarial and administrative staff who seek to develop and enhance their knowledge of meeting procedures. Through interactive sessions, participants learn about meeting procedures, agendas, listening skills as well as note-taking and minute writing.

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Conversational English

This short learning programme aims to equip delegates to communicate successfully in English in day-to-day contexts. The course aims to develop these skills by teaching delegates the necessary vocabulary and grammar in the areas of speaking and writing encountered in everyday scenarios. The course also provides practice and training in the skills of effectively decoding English communication in terms of listening and reading.


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English Language Rules

Effective communication in English requires the appropriate usage of grammar and punctuation. This course aims to address this need by teaching English grammar and writing rules and then further supporting grammar usage with practical reading and writing applications.

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Conversational isiXhosa

This course will enable you to begin your journey in communicating in isiXhosa in everyday situations. The short course is an introduction to speaking isiXhosa and is ideal for delegates with no prior knowledge of the language.

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isiXhosa-English Translation

The isiXhosa-to-English translation course aims to provide a general introduction to the isiXhosa language and its dynamics as well as the principles of translation. Delegates will be able to distinguish between translation and interpretation, apply basics of language applications in isiXhosa and English, and explore principles of translation.


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