Liesel Hibbert:

  • Presented: Insider and outsider inscriptions of community identity in Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa at the 15th Triennial ACLALS (International Association of Commonwealth Literatures) Conference in Cyprus, June 6-11
  • Presented: Multilingualism in South Africa at the University of Bochum, Englisches Seminar, in Bochum, Germany on14 June
  • Presented: Parliamentary Discourse in South Africa today: a rhetorical analysis of the speeches of election and inaugural speeches of President Zuma at Englisches Seminar for postgraduate students, Bochum University in Germany on the 17 June
  • Presented: Identifying prerequisites for using African languages as languages of learning at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University’ in the Seminar Series on Multilingualism at the MOSAIC Centre for Research on Multilingualism in the Faculty of Education at the University of Birmingham on 18 July

Hilda Israel:

  • Paper: The UNO Project at NMMU – intro of the BA(Hon) in Translation in 2010. Critical Links Conference, Birmingham in July 2010

Eileen Scheckle:

  • Paper: Assessing engagement in reading Oman International 10th English Language Teaching Conference, Muscat, Oman from 21- 22 April
  • Conference chair and introduction of the plenary speaker and chairs for the session. Paper: Teacher reflections reading practices in secondary schools

Marcelle Harran:

  • Conference executive. Paper: Literacy acquisition: Is it a language problem?

Hilda Israel:

  • Paper: The Writing Process as a Teaching, Learning and Assessment Methodology

David Blignaut:

  • Paper: A critical approach to academic writing practice

Jacqui Lück and Sharon Rudman:

  • Paper: Cracking the Coconut: Using diversity to disrupt linguistic

Conferences attended

Eileen Scheckle: attended Launch of Literacy and Power and Teaching Language at Wits University on 11 May

Hilda Israel: International Conference, Johannesburg 11-13 October 2010: Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute on Intellectual Leadership Development for Africa's Development

Marcelle Harran: attended Action Research Conference at NMMU, 19+20 August 2010