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Applied Language Studies


Conversational English aims to equip delegates with skills to communicate effectively using English in everyday contexts. These skills will be developed by teaching delegates the necessary vocabulary and grammar in the areas of listening, speaking and writing encountered in various scenarios at work, home and elsewhere.

Delegates will be provided with tools to communicate on most of the general topics and situations they encounter either face-to-face or remotely. In addition, the delegate will also have an opportunity to boost their confidence by engaging in class group discussions on a range of topics as well as doing short oral presentations on chosen topics.


Learning outcomes

Once the delegate has completed this course, he/she should be able to:

·         communicate in a clear and coherent manner using appropriate registers

·         give oral presentations on and discuss everyday topics

·         understand a speaker’s request or instruction by his intonation;

·         differentiate between conversation, dialogue or monologue, lecture, telephone talk, meeting

·         handle telephone calls effectively

·         participate effectively in business or community meetings



The assessment will be in the form of a written test, a listening task and an oral assessment.

Teacher and Learning hours /duration

Face-to-Face                         30

SLST & online                            2

Assessment                            1

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