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The impression gained of an organisation often depends on the style of writing, tone and quality of its business messages.  Effective business writing requires the application of basic writing principles and in this short course important writing components are identified and applied through the use of interactive examples.  Various business correspondence formats such as letters, memos, faxes and emails are outlined while business correspondence structure plans are used to ensure messages are communicated efficiently and effectively.  All aspects of business writing are supported and relevant and up-to-date examples are used in the meaningful and interactive tasks during the sessions.

Delegates are encouraged to actively participate during the sessions and interact with the other delegates and facilitator and thereby contribute to the creation of a comfortable and welcoming learning and teaching environment.


Learning outcomes

Once the delegate has completed this course, he/she should be able to:

·                     analyse the purpose/s in writing the message

·                     write a message for a particular audience/s

·                     understand and choose the correct format to communicate a message

·                     set out a letter, memorandum, email, etc using an appropriate format

·                     write in a variety of business communication formats

·                     improve upon examples of ineffective business communication

·                     demonstrate his/her knowledge of using appropriate and effective style and tone

Course assessment

A final assessment business writing task will be given to delegates.  Delegates will be required to revise two examples of their business correspondence by applying direct or indirect plan structures.

Teacher and Learning hours /duration

Face-to-Face                                          14

Course Fee


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