Department of Applied Language Studies
School of Language, Media and Communication
Faculty of Humanities
Nelson Mandela University

Jacqueline Lück is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Language Studies and Acting Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Humanities. Her PhD from Rhodes University, South Africa, was on inclusion of students into disciplinary knowledge and how language constrains or enables this. Her department offers modules in Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting, Professional English Communication and Academic Literacies.

She has lectured the following modules: Identity, Discourse and Ideology, English for Humanities, Professional English Communication and Academic Literacies to first year students; Critical Discourse Analysis to second year students; Sociolinguistics to third year students; Language Acquisition and Learning to Honours students and Tesol (Teaching English to speakers of other languages).

She has supervised postgraduate students on the impact of English on performance; language and identity; language acquisition; sociocultural practices and their effect on writing; language as social practice in higher education and the effects on student success. Her research interests are Language, Knowledge and Academic Literacies; Identity, Discourse and Ideology; Postgraduate student success; Language Policy; Decolonisation of Linguistics and Decolonisation of the Curriculum. She was part of a National Research Foundation project that looks at how knowledge includes or excludes students in higher education. She also works closely with the university’s teaching and learning community in their quest to transform curriculum. She is a member of the institutional Language Working Group which is involved with conversation with the university community about their language experiences and their envisioning of a multilingual inclusive environment.

She is the chairperson of her faculty’s teaching and learning committee. She publishes and presents at conferences regularly on her research interests. She has received awards for her teaching and grants for teaching and learning innovations. She was nominated by her university for a national fellowship from 2017 to 2019.