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Applied Language Studies


When we have a good understanding of the rules of the English language, we can begin to play with them and to have fun with words. Once we have a good grasp of how to use the English language we can use it to fulfil our purposes, whether that be to motivate or persuade our audience to accept our proposal or simply to communicate our ideas.

The English language is very flexible and we can use it to provide humour, to explain, to instruct, to describe and to report. 

It is important to understand how we can be flexible in the way we use language. We can mould language, shape it and form it according to our wishes if we know the basic rules for its use.

This short course aims to teach delegates the most important English grammar rules and then further support their use with practical reading and writing applications.


Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, delegates should be able to:

·                     construct complete and acceptable sentences

·                     understand and use the correct concord structures

·                     choose the correct tense for a particular contexts

·                     understand the different parts of speech and use it correctly

·                     correctly form the plurals of nouns

·                     use the appropriate levels of politeness



The final result will be based on tasks set as assignments and tests. Delegates need to achieve 50% to pass the course.

Teacher and Learning hours /duration

Face-to-Face                                  30

SLST & online                                   2

Assessment                              1

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