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Applied Language Studies


This short course is aimed at the learner who has a very limited knowledge of the language. Its aim is to equip delegates with a basic foundation in conversational Arabic and to understand commonly used phrases.  Using a variety of teaching methods, the facilitator will introduce delegates to new vocabulary and commonly used expressions as well as share everyday customs, courtesies and traditions linked to the Arabic language.


Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, delegates should be able to:

·                greet and use the appropriate courtesies

·                ask for help or assistance

·                follow a simple conversation

·                understand the gist of a conversation

·                know numbers, days, months or seasons

·                use question words

·                conduct a simple dialogue

·                ask for and give directions

·                respond to basic questions



Delegates will be assessed by means of four written (transliterated or Arabic scripted) assignments, one listening comprehension test and a short prepared speech at the end of the course.

Teacher and Learning hours /duration

Face-to-Face                              20

SLST & online                                2

Assessment                                 1

Face to face sessions on Wednesday 5:30 to 7:30pm

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